Virtual Information Sessions

Virtual Institute and Programs Information Sessions

Click on an available date on the calendar to register for our virtual information sessions. These sessions share program and academic based information for the following:


Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service: Prepares students to analyze and interpret issues critically in order for them to take action. Internships in the Ford Institute place you in government, non-profit, media, and legal systems so that you can grow your professional network and better understand our global society. (Learn More)

Gerstacker Business Institute: Introduces and prepares students for careers and leadership in business. Through co-curricular experiences including an internship, students are exposed to professional development and leadership exploration to maximize their competitive potential in the business world. (Learn More)

Wilson Institute for Medicine: Supports all students interested in a health-related career, from the practice of medicine to nursing to all of the allied professions. (Learn More)

Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program: Provides students in the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program access to a number of challenging and rewarding experiences. Our curriculum immerses students in these four fields of intellectual inquiry, then connects and expands their thinking through a senior Honors thesis. (Learn More)

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